We feel that there are some things that must be done by all Year 7 students, our list of non-negotiable behaviours, attitudes and actions.  We feel that referring back to this list on a regular basis will ensure that you are a successful Year 7 student who will make excellent progress in all areas of the curriculum.


  • Students are properly prepared for each lesson, bringing the right equipment and are ready & eager to learn
  • Students take pride in their work, their appearance & our school
  • All equipment ready for each lesson as per timetable
  • Water bottle filled
  • Website and email checked at least 3 times a week
  • Homework handed in, in correct format, e.g. in folder, electronically, by deadline
  • Arrive at each lesson with a “Can Do” attitude
  • Be respectful to fellow students and all staff


  • Date and LO written on every piece
  • Name written on loose sheets
  • Loose papers filed appropriately
  • Outcome checked against Success Criteria
  • Response made to marking


  • Full range of punctuation used accurately at all times (up to and including colons, semi-colons and commas for embedded clauses) and matched to text type
  • Sentence structure varied to add interest and convey information precisely
  • Paragraphs used accurately
  • Appropriate choice of legible, fluent handwriting, eg joined for written work, bold for titles
  • Appropriate choices made re where to record, eg Writing Journal, Topic Book, Evaluation Book
  • Appropriate choices made re how to record as per ‘Text Types’ sheet


  • Explicit references to text and quotations used to support viewpoint
  • Viewpoint explained