Year 7 Curriculum Overview

Year 7 Curriculum Plan 2017 – 2018

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Theme Title Take a Look at Yourself Your Country Needs You! Spreading the Word Spreading the Word Feed a Family for a Fiver Bags of Style
Maths Algebra:  Sequences, term to term rule, functions.

Number:  Decimals, directed numbers, number problems, Fractions, equivalence Shape, Space:  Length, perimeter & area of 2D shapes, associated formulae

Handling Data:  Mode, median, range, statistical diagrams, Probability

Algebra:  Terms & expressions, equations

Number:  Rounding, four operations Shape, Space:  Lines & angles, calculating unknown angles, coordinates.

Handling Data:  Grouped frequencies, Data collection

Algebra:  Square Numbers, square roots, triangular numbers, graphs

Number: Bodmas, measurement

Shape, Space:  Measuring & drawing angles, constructions

Number Percentages, Ratio & Proportion, Problem Solving

Algebra:  Solving problems Shape, Space:  Line & rotational symmetry, rotations, translations, enlargements

Handling Data:  Pie Charts, Comparing Data, experimental & theoretical probabilities

Revision, problem-solving, consolidation and testing.
Problem Solving skills. Applications problems, practical problems and nrich activities Applications problems, practical problems and nrich activities Applications problems, practical problems and nrich activities Applications problems, practical problems and nrich activities Applications problems, practical problems and nrich activities Applications problems, practical problems and nrich activities
Cross Curricular Maths Population stats, temperatures, map coordinates Battle stats, WW1 timeline Medieval timeline, Mileage calculations – Parliament visit Ingredients proportions, food miles, fair trade Bag-making – nets, measuring
English Writing opportunities



Bridging topic with PHS / Testing
Key text(s) Bailey Game War Poetry Chaucer, Canterbury Tales Romeo & Juliet Romeo & Juliet 19th Century Text (expected to be Anna Sewell, Jack London, Dickens)
Spoken Word Hot seating and character interpretations Dramatic Monologue Spoz, RAP workshop Various drama activities “Save my dog” presentations Sharing opinions and feelings
Reading opportunities Empathy & deduction, character analysis, prediction, authorial techniques. Analysis of author’s style, poetic devices, propaganda/ persuasion, effect on reader Chaucerian vocabulary, story structure, historical setting/ character analysis, prediction Vocabulary, comparison of written style with film, empathy Vocabulary, comparison of written style with film, empathy Comparison of 3 authors’ techniques, anthropomorphism, empathy
Writing opportunities PEE techniques, diary entries, prediction, black-out text Bullet point notes & information text(topic), character box homework: newspaper article, diary entries, fact files, letters Fiction: bring a character to life in present dayPEE“Which Blue are You?”, sports reporting Précis, poster “Save my Dog” persuasion letter   Characters’ diary entries, Friar’s “text” to Romeo PEE techniques
Science Acids & Alkalis Particles and their behaviour Cells Reactions Space Solutions Structure & Function of Body Systems Forces Reproduction
ICT/ Computing Google Apps/Google Classroom/E-Safety/Photography Control & Coding (Scratch)/Unplugged Site/Pages/ Publisher (Bags) Spreadsheets (Food) Control & Coding (Logo)/Binary Extended Project (Kodo)
E-safety Social Media websites PSHCE – Use of social media/bullying National eSafety Week KS3 eSafety Presentation
Cross Curricular ICT/ Computing Science: Book Creator Blogging  Blogging Science: Book Creator Blogging Maths: Spreadsheets Blogging Maths: Spreadsheets Blogging Theme: Recipe Book  Blogging
RE Christian values Buddhism/ Advent Pentecost Lent/ Easter Pentecost, Comparison of Christianity with other faiths Challenging questions
History History: WW1 Medieval Realms Medieval Realms
Geography Map skills

Inquiry working with Worcester Parkway planning team

 Europe Europe
Music Study of music through history Singing through the ages (Christmas song) Razzamajazz (learning the keyboard) Samba Cookery programme – title song Creating a musical soundscape
Art Pop Art, One Big Picture (whole school) Poppies – portraying poppies using sketches, pastels, etc. (Georgia O’Keeffe inspired) Architectural drawing
DT Clay poppies inspired by O’Keeffe and linked to Tower of London remembrance Architectural Applique Resistant Materials Food Technology Packaging Recipe Book Control Bug
PE Gymnastics-Synchro/canon   Games-invasion Gymnastics –Weight bearing   Games-invasion/net Dance- Street dance     Games-invasion/net Dance Street dance     Games-invasion/net Athletics     Games-striking & fielding/net Athletics     Games – striking & fielding/net
French Ma routine A la maison En ville , directions Q&A En ville, descriptions En France, food & drink, au marché Le passé et le futur
PSHE/ Values Friendships Anti-bullying Responsibility Respect – Enter anti-bullying video competition with ITV This Morning programme (also links to e-safety) – Macmillan coffee morning Determination Thankfulness Perseverance Trust Mock-election Forgiveness Hope Creativity Thoughtfulness Peace
Global Links/ Eco Energy Usage Water Geography in the news Food Miles Fair Trade
Visits or Visitors Worcestershire Parkway planning team Film visit: “Hidden Figures” Parliament Bletchley Park

Goodrich Castle

LOtC Maths – shapes and angles around school Outside sketching and photography around school. Visit to Evesham – sketching, visit to abbey and museum London walking, sketching, drama activities outside when possible Drama activities outside when possible, grounds day France – goat farm,sketching, visits to toffee factory, cemeteries, landing beaches, museum, Bayeux cathedral and tapestry, visiting markets & shops – speaking in French