Year 7 Catch up Funding

Each year we receive funding to support students who did not meet Age Related Expectations in the Year 6 SATs. The table below shows how we used this funding in 2017 – 2018 to support our pupils and the impact it had.
In 2018 – 2019 we will follow a similar pattern of support and intervention based on the very good outcomes from last year.

Year 7 Catch-up Funding 2017 – 2018

Objective Activities Project Team Resources & Costs
To use the allocated fund to target students so that the majority make accelerated progress in Year 7 to reach age related expectations by the end of the year.
  • Allocate staffing to provide small group teaching on a daily basis for target pupils by:

         Creating support group in year 7 with small pupils numbers, esp. maths.

         Allocate TA support to this group to accelerate progress

  • Monitor progress rigorously by:

         baseline in PIRA, PUMA, GPS assessments

         half termly pupil progress meetings

         meetings with adult leading interventions

         end of year Rising Stars assessments

  • Ensure pupils are high profile by:

         Identifying them on pupil progress groups

         Identifying them as a group in target tracker

         Making pupils a focus on pupil progress meetings with staff

  • Focus interventions on progress of target pupils by:

         Teacher led interventions in Reading and Maths

         Ensure target pupils are part of groups along with pupil premium

         Review quality and effectiveness of interventions – pupil progress meetings

Steve Booth (leader)

Paul Kilgallon

Fiona Parry

Maria Leach

Tamzin Richards

Sharon Harding



Total Cost: £6,500.00


KS3 – Year 7 2018
Year 7(KS2 results in brackets) Teacher assessment supported by Rising Star assessments.

ARE = Age Related Expectation.               Exc. = Exceeded ARE

  ARE Exc. ARE Exc ARE Exc
ALL (59) 73 (65) 80 (75) 30 (28) 87 (75) 33 (36) 80 (67)  15 (16)
Boys (29) 59% 72 31 79 24 69 17
Girls (30) 87% 87  30 93  43 90  13
Disad (7) 43% 71 57 43
SEND (11) 27% 36 45 36

Outcomes for pupils are good at the end of Year 7 and represent good progress compared to the cohort’s KS2 SAT results. It demonstrates the effectiveness of the support in Year 7 and the use of Y7 Catch-up Funding.

The good progress made by Year 7 students meant a successful transition to High School.