Pupils in Year 6 are expected to start the year with a suitable pencil case and the stationery below. They are responsible for re-stocking this throughout the year:

– a diary/ journal/ notebook/ document wallet (to record information/ store letters)

– a blue handwriting pen (no biro pens)

– 2 pencils

– a ruler (15 cm or 30cm)

– a rubber

– a sharpener

– pencil crayons (colour)

– highlighters (optional)

– artist pencils HB – 4B (optional)

– pink pen for responding to marking (optional)


SATs tests are compulsory national tests for primary school pupils. Children in England are required to take Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) at the age of 11 (school year 6) for the following subjects: reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning , arithmetic and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar.)

Pupils in Year 6 will sit their SATs in the first half of the Summer term. Recently, there have been many changes to this by the National Government however we will keep you updated throughout the year.


In order to ensure you are aware of all events, trips and arrangements, including payment deadlines, you will find copies below of all letters sent to Year 6 pupils ONLY.