Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Year 4 Topic Linked Overview  2017- 2018

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Theme title
Concrete Jungles Battling The Elements Endangered!


(From White Rose planning)
Place Value Geometry – Properties of shapes Geometry – position & direction Number – Addition and Subtraction Roman Numerals Measurement – length & Perimeter Number – Multiplication Decimals (tenths / hundredths) Time Measurement – Money Fractions Measurement – Conversions & Worded problems Number – Division (Multiplication) Fractions Statistics Number – Fractions and decimals Revisit / consolidate missed concepts

Cross curricular maths
School electricity usage – analysing data and making graphs

Measuring, scaling, shape – DT skyscraper project
Symmetry in mosaics Reading scales in cooking Work with Roman numerals linked to topic Graphs comparing lengths of rivers Graphs comparing climate data Temperature (negative numbers) Measurements linked to sound (pitch) Using data loggers Animal top trumps Environments within the school – shape, angles, perimeter, area Investigating / calculating amount of waste we generate in school

See half termly target sheets See half termly target sheets See half termly target sheets See half termly target sheets See half termly target sheets See half termly target sheets

Key text(s)
Intro poems – We’re Going To See The Rabbit Varmints  by Helen Ward Intro poems – City Jungle Roman inspired text Intro poems Angry River by Ruskin Bond Intro poems Angry River by Ruskin Bond Intro poems Just So Stories TingTinga Tales – Stories from Africa Intro poems The Iron Woman / The Tin Forest

Cross- curricular writing
City inspired poetry (Google docs) Science report – digestive system Life of a Roman (diary) Descriptive paragraphs about jungles/deserts Newspaper report of the B of Hastings Explanation of how we hear. Letter to Minister for the Environment Write an animal / TingaTinga tale Persuasive writing linked to environment

Theme title
Concrete Jungles Battling The Elements Environment

Electricity Human Nutrition Changes of State Sound Dangers To Living Things Grouping Living Things

Cross curricular computing
Word processed poems Photography Flood Stories School blog

The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain A Study of British history, beyond 1066 – Battle for the throne -Battle of Hastings History of recycling

Why do so many people live in megacities? Why are jungles so wet and deserts so dry? How can we live more sustainably?

Building (Music Express) Food and Drink (Music Express) Environment (Music Express) Sounds (Music Express) Poetry (Music Express) Recycling (Music Express)

Cityscape pictures Mosaics Picture weaving Collages of different climatic environments (Shades, tones) Recycling art

Build a Skyscraper with a working circuit Roman inspired cooking (savoury) Bayeux Tapestry – textiles Natural sculptures

E-safety Google Apps Coding (Logo) Writing For Different Audiences Coding (2Code) Animation 2Animate StopFrame Animations Effective Searching & use of the internet

Why is Jesus inspirational? What are festivals celebrated? What is it like to be a Hindu in Britain? What does religion teach us about right and wrong? Why do some people consider life to be a journey?

Visits or visitors
Condover Hall residential Art in Nature Museum