Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Year 3 Curriculum Plan 2017 – 2018

Autumn 1
Autumn 2
Spring 1
Spring 2
Summer 1
Summer 2
Theme Title
Concrete Jungles Battles Environment

White Rose Maths:
Number –  Place Value

Number – Addition and Subtraction

White Rose Maths:
Number – Addition and Subtraction

Number – Multiplication and Division

White Rose Maths:
Number – Multiplication and Division

Measurement: Money

White Rose Maths:

Measurement: Length and Perimeter

Number – Fractions

White Rose Maths:
Number – fractions

Measurement: Time

White Rose Maths:
Geometry – Properties of Shapes

Measurement: Mass and Capacity

Cross Curricular Maths
School electricity usage – analysing data and making graphs

Measuring, scaling, shape – DT skyscraper project

Symmetry in mosaics


Roman numerals

Graphs comparing climate data


Temperature (negative numbers)

Measurements linked to sound (pitch)


Using data loggers

Animal top trumps


Environments within the school – shape, angles, perimeter, area

Investigating / calculating amount of waste we generate in school
Key text(s)
Poetry Roots


by Helen Ward

Poetry Roots

Non-fiction – Romans

Poetry Roots

Winter’s Child – Angela McAllister

Poetry Roots –

The Snow Dragon

by  Vivian French

Poetry Roots

Think of an Eel

by Karen Wallace

Poetry Roots

The Tin Forest

By Helen Ward

Spoken Word
Discuss texts in Guided Reading

Prepare poems to read allowed

Discuss texts in Guided Reading

Presenting Values Assembly

Discuss texts in Guided Reading

Explaining the Water Cycle in Science

Discuss texts in Guided Reading

Explaining thinking in maths

Discuss texts in Guided Reading

Presentation about living things

Discuss texts in Guided Reading

Describe the properties of shape in maths

Reading opportunities
Guided Reading Texts

Non-fiction texts – Electricity

Guided Reading Texts

Non-fiction texts – Romans

Guided Reading Texts

Non-fiction texts – The Water Cycle; States of Matter; weather

Guided Reading Texts

Non-fiction texts – Anglo-Saxons; Normans; Castles

Guided Reading Texts

Non-fiction texts – Living Things; Sustainability

Guided Reading Texts

Non-fiction texts – The Environment; Recycling

Writing opportunities
Descriptive writing – contrasting settings (meadow / concrete jungle)

Writing in the first person (rabbit’s point of view)

Right to Write

Right to Write

Non-fiction writing – The Romans

Headings / subheadings

Right to Write

Through the Gate – Paragraph describing garden.

My Day with Winter’s Child

Diary Writing – Tom’s Diary / Nana’s Diary

Narrative – The Spring’s Child

Right to Write

The Second Happening – prediction

Using speech – linked to Snow Dragon

A letter to the Snow Dragon – Persuasive writing

Alliterative sentences

Right to Write

Fiction – Narrative about an eel

Non-fiction – life of an eel


Right to Write

Non-fiction leaflet – Caring for our environment

Headings / subheadings

Debate: Persuasive argument for and against recycling

Eco Poetry Writing

Right to Write

Electricity Human Nutrition Changes of State Sound Grouping Living Things Dangers to living things


ICT/ Computing
Coding E-safety Email


Keyboard Skills Branching


Internet safety week
Cross Curricular ICT/ Computing
AR Quizzes

Researching uses of electricity / safety

AR Quizzes


The Romans

AR Quizzes

Researching world climates

AR Quizzes

Using iPads to photograph signs of spring

AR Quizzes Researching Living things AR Quizzes

Researching recycling

What do different people believe about God? Why is the Bible so important for Christians today? Why are festivals important to religious communities? Why do people pray? Why are festivals important to religious communities? What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?


The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain A Study of British history, beyond 1066

– Battle for the throne

-Battle of Hastings

History of recycling
Why do so many people live in megacities? Why are jungles so wet and deserts so dry? How can we live more sustainably?



Building Christmas Songs Poetry Sounds Environment Food and Drink
 Creating a wash as a background – City Night Scenes Mosaics

Sketching Roman Soldiers

Photographing signs of spring Sketching Signs of Spring

Water colour painting

Animals in the

Tinga Tinga Art Style

Recycling Art
Build a Skyscraper with a working circuit Bayeux Tapestry – textiles Natural sculptures
Games: Invasion – netball

Gym: Stretching & Curling

Dance – Concrete Jungle

Games: Invasion – football

Gym: Symmetry & Asymmetry

Dance: Battles

Gym: travelling

Games: Invasion – hockey

Games: Volleyball

Dance: Recycling


Games: Rounders

J’apprends le francais

Quelle est le date?

Classroom language Les instruments

Je joue…

Petit Chaperon Rouge

Parts of the body

Quelle temps fait-il?

Je peux..verbs

Je peux…

Likes and dislikes

PSHE/ Values


Determination Thankfulness Perseverance


Forgiveness Hope




Global Links/
Art from Nature –link to Tanzania World Climate Further links to Tanzania Love Food Hate Waste


Visits or Visitors
Roman Site / Museum The Thinktank