Schools of Tomorrow

We are proud to be members of the fellowship of Schools of Tomorrow.

Our purpose as a member of Schools of Tomorrow is to prepare young people to be happy, successful, and able to make a valued contribution to bringing improvements for all, in whatever situation they find themselves throughout the world.

We believe this is best achieved by ensuring that everyone:

  • is equipped with a passion to continue to learn throughout life and to share this with others;
  • has a strong set of values that respect and promote the rights of others, and considers how their actions impact upon and benefit their family and friends, wider communities and the environment;
  • understands how to take care of their physical, mental and spiritual health, and well-being;
  • recognises that we are stronger when we work together and has the mindset to engage collaboratively in every context;
  • develops the personal qualities and attributes to be valued and respected by all they meet and are able to face adversity calmly and with resilience.


As a School of Tomorrow we endeavour to ensure that each child receives a holistic educational experience, which is rooted in personal well-being, delivered on the basis of equity, and responsive to their personal needs.

We are committed to securing equity for all students and their families, for staff and for all within our communities. By engaging with the factors that are the most significant and influential in determining educational success and enhanced life chances, we endeavour to support positive outcomes in terms of family life, community, poverty and social class.

We believe that learning is a social experience rooted in family, community and school. We aim to make sure that all learning is personalised to the individual and builds on and contributes to social relationships.

We believe that everyone has a contribution to make and has the right to be heard.

We strive to ensure that everyone is engaged in their learning and becomes increasingly able to exercise initiative with creativity, flair, self-awareness and moral purpose.

We know that we are stronger and more effective when everyone exercises personal responsibility to provide leadership to enhance our collective capacity

We work to build our leadership resources by developing everyone, irrespective of age, status or formal role, within our school and communities. We value especially leadership that increases the capacity of our communities and promotes and strengthens the collaborative relationships that support and help us all.

Other local schools who are members of Schools of Tomorrow are Pershore High School, St Nicholas First and Middle School Federations and Abbey Park Middle School. We will be working closely with these partners and others to develop our shared vision for our pupils.

The Schools of Tomorrow quadrant framework sets out the areas which we believe are crucial to achieving the very best for our children. You will see that we have aligned our school vision with them.