Children’s University

We are extremely pleased to be part of the Worcestershire Children’s University. The Children’s University offers many exciting opportunities for our pupils and we are looking forward to sharing them with you.
Use the links below to visit the Children’s University website to find out more and to read the latest letters and information. There is also an up to date list of all the Worcestershire Learning Destinations as well as others across the country.

Visit the Worcestershire CU website to find out more and to see what is happening locally.

Every child taking part in the Children’s University has their own special ‘Passport to Learning’ which they use to collect activity stamps each time an event or venue is attended, or when a learning activity is undertaken.

Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom. Children learn new things in all sorts of places: at museums, on nature walks, by playing sports and music, and much more besides.

Issued with a Passport to Learning, children can travel around Worcestershire and the UK with their Passport to Learning, collecting stamps in recognition of their learning as they go. After all – travel is what a Passport is for!

You can get your passport from the school office.