Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is actively encouraged by the school. Our caterers from Pershore High School, provide meals which meet the National Nutritional Standards.

We encourage fruit snacks at break time. Fruit is provided free to children in Year R, 1 and 2 through the National School fruit scheme. Children throughout the rest of the school are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack , fruit or vegetables preferably, and to drink water both at snack time and throughout the day.

Drinking water is important in keeping up levels of concentration and pupils are encouraged to have a water bottle in class. Squash and fruit drinks are only permitted at lunchtimes with a meal.


A full school meal is provided by the school kitchen and costs £2.30 per day. Our meals are prepared on site by the chef from Pershore High school and his team. The aim is to provide high quality meals using fresh, locally produced ingredients.

Menus will change weekly to reflect what is in season and will be published on the school website each week on Thursday in readiness for the following week. Click on the ‘Lunch Menu’ button at the bottom of the webpage.

Pupils may bring their own packed lunches to school. Tables are provided in the dining hall and water is always available. Packed lunches should adhere to the school’s healthy eating policy and should not contain sweets or chocolate.

Pupils may return home for lunch providing that a letter requesting this provision is received from their parents/guardians, who must undertake to supervise their child. Pupils may not leave school at lunchtime for any other purpose. Children must return to school in time for the start of afternoon lessons at 1.15 pm.

Every effort will be made to educate our pupils into sensible eating habits and health-related foods will be on offer. We also need to be aware of the type of food which youngsters enjoy. Popular, health-conscious food is the answer!

Free school meals are available to children whose parents receive Income Support. If you think you might be entitled to free school meals, please contact the school office for an application form. Alternatively you can get further information from the Worcestershire website by clicking here.

Cheques for school meals should be made out to ‘Avonreach Academy Trust’.