First School

Middle School


A school navy blue coat or a plain, dark-coloured coat without logos etc. is preferred for all children.

PE Kit


First School (Years 1-2)

First School (Years 3-4)

Middle School (Years 5-7)

In addition, children in Middle School will need football boots/hockey boots, socks and shin pads for outdoor games activities after the autumm half term. We also strongly recommend that children in Years 5, 6, & 7 have a mouth guard for hockey and rugby.


If your child has an inhaler, it must be taken to the P.E. lesson. Please check they are in date and in school at all times.


A watch, small ear-stud (only one per ear) and one simple ring are the only permitted items of jewellery.  NO jewellery will be worn during PE and earrings must be removed.  This is necessary in the interests of safety and parents of younger children should consider the implications of this when deciding whether to have their children’s ears pierced or not. If ears have recently been pierced, tape to cover the studs temporarily should be supplied from home.

Even if children are not actively participating in their P.E. or games lesson, they are usually expected to change into their kit.


While we endeavour to keep all belongings safe, the school cannot be held responsible for loss of belongings. All belongings brought into school are the responsibility of the owner and should be looked after safely in personal drawers or bags or handed to the teacher for safe-keeping particularly during PE lessons. We recommend that items with any value (including cumulative value) – are NOT brought in to school.

Uniform can be purchased from School Togs and