In our school…

This was written by the children of the school following a series of Collective Worship sessions, School Council meetings and class discussions.

We are all learners (even the grownups!)

We have fun, enjoyment is a part of learning

We laugh together, but not at each other

We are all friends, we play nicely together,
we work together and we share together

We treat each other the way we expect to be treated

Everybody is special in their own way

Everyone feels safe

Everyone is included

Everyone is respected

Everyone contributes

Everyone is equal, we are all treated the same

We think about each other’s feelings,
we take care of each other

We all try our best

We are proud of our work

It’s okay to ask for help

Good questions are as important as good answers

Getting things wrong is okay, it helps us to learn

We listen to each other, everybody’s ideas are important

We trust each other

We take responsibility for each other and property

We take responsibility for ourselves and our actions

We always try to improve, we like to be challenged

We use our skills to the best of our ability

Written by the children of St. Barnabas CE First and Middle School, October 2018