Information about school outcomes for pupils can be confusing. Year 1 Phonics, Key Stage 1 and 2 results are published but they can still be tricky to understand.

For our school, there is another consideration. As a First and Middle School, the Key Stage 2 (Year 6) SATs come part way through a pupil’s time at Middle School and so don’t show their final achievement or the true impact of the school.

This year’s results have yet to be validated but will only differ by a small amount if any changes are made. The emerging national percentages are included in brackets for comparison.
Key stage 2 (Year 6) Results 2018. 
Percentage of children achieving the expected standard (national percentage n brackets).
Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation:  85% (78%)
Reading: 82% (75)
Writing: 76% (78)
Reading, Writing & Maths: 65% (64)
Here are the Year 7 results from the last three years which show a good level of achievement. These results are on the basis of standardised test and are moderated with the High School to ensure they are accurate.