We have a very close relationship with our local Church Community. Each week a class or year group visits the Church as part of Collective Worship. These sessions are led by members of the Church community and the children look forward to them.

The local Vicar visits us regularly to lead Collective Worship.

News from St Barnabas Church can be found on the Stoulton Benefice website.

Collective Worship

Given the current circumstances with the new lockdown in January 2021, we cannot do collective worship consistently as we would do in school. Therefore, we are sharing this resource with you.

Faith at Home

Faith at Home is a national campaign that builds on the work of Growing Faith and Everyday Faith to support the faith development and pastoral care of children and young people. On this link you can choose the parent tab and you will find lots of resources for your family and your children. As quoted from the Faith at Home website, “Home offers the space to make mistakes and ask honest questions. Home gives us a place to become who we are created to be. Home gives us the chance to be fully known and fully loved by those who share our space because of God’s gift of love through us. It is a call to choose a lifelong exploration of a growing faith, nurtured in the normal everyday elements of life together.” Each week, Faith at Home publish a range of content to support families discuss faith, develop their practices and habits together following certain themes.