On Wednesday 7th March we had a Games lesson. Group 1 was doing Netball Group 2 was doing Hockey and Group 3 was doing Rugby. In Netball we were practicing chest passing and bounce pass.
In Rugby we were doing drills and practicing backwards passing. In Hockey we were doing mini tournaments and Jack’s (Jack, Emma, Luke and Charlotte V ) team won! Group 1 and 3 had to go under the shelter halfway through due to the hail and rain but Group 2 kept on playing.


In French we had been doing pictures of our favourite books for World Book Day. The week before we had been doing zoos where we made the habitats that the animals were living in and name them in French. The lesson was really interesting and after we did everything we were able to go on linguascope (a website to learn French and other languages). Here are some photos of the lessons.

Written by Weronika and April


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