On Thursday 18th January, year 5 went on an amazing school trip to Hartlebury Castle. We went to learn more about World War II and life as an evacuee (we wore some amazing costumes!)

We started off in the old scullery where Auntie Dorris told us more about rationing and chores and we had a go at some of them. We also saw a gazunder, a darning mushroom, a carpet beater and a bean grinder.

After lunch, we went into Mrs Brown’s classroom and learned about how to shelter during an air raid and how to put a gas mask on. We heard Winston Churchill’s speech about Belgium’s surrender and looked at mystery objects, old coins, an evacuee’s suitcase and played with some old toys.

In conclusion, we had a great day!


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  1. Paul Kilgallon

    From all of the stories I’ve heard since you went, it seems like it was really interesting visit and that you found out some fascinating information. I have been very impressed by the standard of writing in your recounts of the visit.


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