Early Years Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile

The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile tracks the development of children from birth until the end of their Reception year (60+ months old).

Children are assessed on the seventeen aspects of learning.

The final assessment statements at the end of Reception are called The Early Learning Goals (ELG). These are developmental statements and it is likely that most children will achieve the ELG’s in most areas of learning before they leave Reception.

Just as babies learn to walk and to talk at different rates, it is also recognised that children are individuals and will naturally develop at different rates. Not all children
will have achieved their ELG’s by the end of Reception. It is expected that
some children will continue to secure their ELG’s during Year 1 before starting
the National Curriculum.

Your child’s transition into Year 1 will include the chance to continue to secure the ELG’s as necessary. This is an important part of the Year 1 Curriculum.

Prime Areas of Learning

These help to support the development of the Specific

Personal, Social and Emotional Development Making relationships
Self-confidence and self-awareness
Managing feelings and behaviour
Physical Development Moving and handling
Health and self-care
Communication and Language Listening and Attention
Specific Areas of Learning

These include the essential skills and knowledge that
children need to live successfully in society

Literacy Reading
Mathematics Numbers
Shape, space and measures
Expressive Arts and Design Exploring and using media and materials
Being imaginative
Understanding the World People and Communities
The World